Daytime Express Refresher- Tuesday, March 28th at Noon

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Daytime Express Refresher- Tuesday, March 28th at Noon

The Daytime Express Refresher is Hypnosis Only and will last about 30 minutes. This is meant to be convenient for those of you that have a busy schedule and only a short amount of time to spend. It is also for those that understand where they are going wrong and feel that they just need the hypnosis to get back on track. The cost of the Daytime Express Refresher will be $50.00 per person. If you feel that you need more help than just the hypnosis, have questions for Cristina or would like a recap of the program, we encourage you to come to a regular Group or Individual Refresher. The 30 minute time slot will not allow for anything other than the hypnosis. The March Daytime Express Refresher will be held  Tuesday, March 28th at Noon. If you would like to sign up, please call the office at 413-789-9198. Payment is required at time of booking. You can pay using the paypal link below or by sending a check. Thank you.

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“In my time of despair and frustration in trying to help my son deal with a difficult time in his life, Cristina Di-Nardo Dupre was the guiding light I needed. After just one session with Cristina, I saw a significant improvement in my son and found hope for myself. I now feel that I have my own security blanket in the world, knowing I have Cristina to lean on when I need guidance and assurance in life.”- Freddie P