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Cristina Dupre Counseling & Weight Loss
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Cristina is the best!! I never could successfully stay on a healthy diet for more than a few days until I went through hypnosis. Not only am I losing weight, my body feels so much healthier overall. Vegetarians don't be afraid, I am one too and this really works for me!! Cristina has amazing recipes and meal suggestions. Overall great experience.

Kayley S.
5 Stars

I love to eat. But my eating was really out of control and I was gaining 5-10 pounds every year. Not a sustainable model, unless I aspired to weigh 300 pounds, and I didn't. My doctor recommended Cristina's program, which appealed to me because it taught lifestyle change. I was ready to make a commitment, and her program worked. I started north of 200 pounds and broke into the 170s about five weeks later. I never thought I would see the 170s again! I learned how to select and eat good food that tastes great, which is really important, because I still love to eat. One co-worker razzes me by calling me "skinny" and "twiggy," and another thanks me, because the change in my appearance encouraged him to return the healthy eating again.

Steve J. ---- Wilbraham, MA
5 Stars

On 04/17/2014 Becky Bosse posted on Facebook: Absolutely loved the experience and would recommend Cristina to anyone wanting to lose weight. So far I have lost 55 pounds in 3 months and feel fabulous. It's a great new lifestyle of eating healthy with no cravings! Don't wait...take the first step and give her a won't be disappointed!! :)

After the three sessions, clients were given a survey to evaluate the program and make suggestions on what to change to increase effectiveness. These are some of their responses:

I learned about the Weight Loss through Hypnosis program through some friends and participated in group sessions. When I made my first appointment the description of the program was made clear. I was absolutely given the resources I needed to achieve the goals that I established at the first session. I have reached about 97% of my goal. My start weight in April was 260 lbs and I am now 170 lbs.

Gina E.----9/27/13 (Pictured below)


I learned about Cristina’s Weight Loss through Hypnosis program online and participated in the group sessions. The description of the program and expectations were made clear and I feel I was given the resources needed to achieve my goal. Cristina was very supportive and guided me in following this healthy lifestyle. I have decreased from size 10 to 8 and have lost twelve pounds since starting the program 3 weeks ago. I still have a way to go to reach my goal size of 4 but without the cravings it will be easy to do. It’s also a nice feeling to know that free group refreshers are offered if I need them in the future. Cristina is more interested in our success than the money and that says much about her character. I think everything Cristina does to run the program is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.

Pat D. ----3/29/14

I learned about Cristina’s Weight Loss program by reading one of her pamphlets and I attended the group sessions. The description of the program was clear to me and I actually ended up exceeding my goal. Originally I wanted to get down to 165 lbs and I’m now at 155 lbs. I have started to incorporate other foods into my diet and listen to the hypnosis cd regularly. The program worked for me.


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“In my time of despair and frustration in trying to help my son deal with a difficult time in his life, Cristina Di-Nardo Dupre was the guiding light I needed. After just one session with Cristina, I saw a significant improvement in my son and found hope for myself. I now feel that I have my own security blanket in the world, knowing I have Cristina to lean on when I need guidance and assurance in life.”- Freddie P